🐀 NFT Collection RMRC

This collection is handmade by a group of artists using graphic tablets. Each has their own style in which they are minimally constrained. With each new NFT, the professionalism of the artists grows and the quality of the work improves. Our artists hope that Money Rat will become your money luck talisman.

It is for this purpose a game will be created in which you will be able with these NFTs to take part in a team game, defending the interests of the clan and develop your skills to earn money.

The collection will include 11111 NFTs - unique digital items that will be loaded into a standalone smart contract as they are drawn. The smart contract resides on the ETH blockchain using the ERC-721 protocol.

All rats will belong to one of the 10 clans named after the 10 richest families in the world, which will also be specified in the smart contract.

The collection is unique not only because it is exclusively handmade and each NFT already has artistic value, but also because there will be many series of rich money rats with different drawing styles, among which you are sure to find something you like.

Our team of artists will make every effort to ensure that your investment in the Rich Money Rat Club collection is not only enjoyable, but also profitable for you.

Rich Money Rat Club Clans:

I. Rotschild II. Rockefeller III. Morgan IV. Saudi V. Baruch VI. Walton VII. Windsor VIII. Murdoch IX. Oppenheimer X. Pritzker

Each Mint is 100 pieces, will be held in 3 stages:

I. By VIP tickets, to NFT collection VIP Ticket Rich Money Rat Club (VTRMRC) holders

II. By whitelist:


  • Early access to purchase relative to the public offer, after VIP ticket holders

  • Opportunity to purchase 5 NFTs from each Mint wave (100 each) of the Rich Money Rat Club collection

  • 25% discount off the public price

III. Public Mint

Valid privileges for 10 Mint (100 pieces each) up to NFT RMRC #1000

Rich Money Rat Club NFT collection holders will be able to trade on any marketplace that supports the ERC-721 protocol, including such famous ones as OpenSea, Rarible and others.

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