🎮 P2E game

A game without killing and destruction. Develop your skills and earn money

The game will consist of several rooms: monopoly; betting; poker; blackjack; baccarat; bingo; crepes

In all cases, the playground acts as an arbiter rather than a participant in the game and will levy a 3% RMRC on the prize pool, distributed as follows:

  1. Burning - 2% (will ensure a constant increase in the value of the RMRC coin)

  2. Project Development Fund - 1% (advertising budget of the project)

Rules of the game

The game is open to everyone with an RMRC coin in their wallet.

If you want to participate in a team game for one of the clans (named after the 10 richest families in the world), where all our Rich Money Rats are distributed, you must also have our NFT from the Rich Money Rats Club collection in your wallet.

Which clan stands a better chance of winning the monthly draw for the regular prize pool in the game and achieving greater success? The playground algorithm will take into account not only the results of the game, but also the value of NFT rats by clan, taking into account resales, when determining the winning clan.

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